Looking forward to your future

Our passion as a team is to help your business to succeed as well as providing peace of mind on all compliance matters, and all built on strong client relationships and providing outstanding service.

About HB Accountants

HB Accountants have been providing financial services and business advice since 1921.  Most of our clients are in the Hoddesdon and Hertfordshire areas.

We have grown our business for more than 90 years by building strong long-term relationships with our clients.  We have helped many business owners through the whole life cycle of their business ownership, from setting up the company to helping it grow, to exit strategy advice. They often tell us we have given them the advice they needed but did not know they needed.

HB and Hoddesdon

At HB we aim to be an active part of the Hoddesdon community.

We are active business networkers in the area.  We enjoy being able to help other businesses by sharing our expertise and help our clients and friends by recommending them.

We take part in, and organise, local community events, such as Dragon Boat racing and quiz nights.  We raise funds for local Hertfordshire charities.  This year we are supporting Teens Unite Fighting Cancer.

Clear Pricing

We don’t want our clients to have a nasty surprise when the bill arrives, so we are always clear about our pricing.  When possible, we work on a fixed fee basis.  We can do this for annual accounts, tax returns, audits and more.

The Right Size

We are a medium-sized company and think this is the best fit for our clients.

Small firms are cheap and cheerful but can have blind spots in their knowledge.  They may miss opportunities to help you reduce your tax burden, or develop your business because they simply don’t have the expertise.

Big firms have great expertise, but they often save it for their biggest clients.  Their smaller clients get their junior staff, which means no continuity and no in-depth knowledge of your company. Big firms also have big overheads, and it’s you the client that pays for them.

Your accountant: cost or investment?

Our aim is to make the time and money you spend with us an investment, not a cost.  An investment that gives measurable returns of reduced tax, improved efficiency, and better business decisions based on the better financial information.

It’s easy to switch accountants

We all know that it’s easy to switch your power supplier, phone company and insurer. We also know that some companies take advantage of those who don’t switch, by pushing up their prices year after year. Don’t let your accountant do this to you.

Let’s talk about your company and our service, to find out if we can offer you a better service at a better price. If we can, we make the switch quick and easy. You send one letter to your old accountant. That’s all you need to do. They are bound by the rules of their professional association to pass on all the information we need.

Looking forward to your future

We’re positive and forward-focused. We don’t just help you avoid pitfalls. We take the time to understand your vision and your strategy and help your company achieve your goals.

Contact us to discover how we can help you with all of your accounting needs. We cover Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Hertford, Ware, Harlow, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire & neighbouring counties.