#WeAreNext: Supporting our Hoddesdon Community – Your Town is close to our heart

Why HB Accountants are are proud to sponsor Your Town and are keen to spread the word about Your Town’s latest campaign #WeAreNext… the seed for Your Town was planted when Founder, Mark White, sent himself an email in 2011 with an idea for a running event that started and finished in his home town, and ours, of Hoddesdon, EN11 Hertfordshire.

Three years on, a chance meeting in April 2014 brought ‘Give Your Town The Run Around’ to life. Mark tells us that “following a steep learning curve, our first event happened 5 months later in September 2014.”

“A year later in October 2015, after putting on two more successful events, we established a permanent presence in town and Your Town was born!”

Team HB encourage a healthy mind and body and run/walk to boost team morale – supporting Your Town and taking part in Give Your Town The Run Around makes the training worthwhile

Fast Forward to Today…

By pursuing Mark’s passion for building and celebrating community, Your Town now has a presence in 7 towns and led/supported 17 events that have attracted 1,000s of participants.

They have piloted their first “Get-Togethers” across three Hertfordshire towns with a run, walk and bike ride for up to 200 participants in each AND also launched We Are Next, a programme of activities for schools that raise awareness of health, wellbeing and community in children.

We Are Next

We Are Next is a national campaign to get the next generation moving and more connected with health, fitness and their community.

Providing Year 5 lesson plans, activities and tools that help educate children about the importance of health, wellbeing and exercise and the role that community plays in all three.

Over 1600 kids are already enjoying We Are Next events in 10 schools across 2 towns in Hertfordshire.

Mark and his team want to spread the word… “We want to go bigger!”

Your Town aim:

Helping to Take the Pressure Off Local Services

Close partnerships with Local Authorities are crucial for delivering their vision.

Your Town already work with councils around the country and enjoy the support of the excellent people who work there.

Together they are helping to overcome key community issues including social isolation, obesity and mental health.

What’s more, they are doing it quickly and cost effectively

Click here to get involved

HB Accountants enjoy supporting the community and are here to help you too. Finding optimum tax efficiency: giving you access to experienced accountants and useful information and support no matter your business size or sector. If you would like a no obligation discussion about how we can help you, please feel free to contact the team on 01992 444466 or email vickif@hbaccountants.co.uk – we’re accountants for business and we’re here to help you grow.

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