Fuel for private use – what do employees pay in tax?

The amount of tax paid by employees on private fuel provided with a company car is now running at a high level based on the cash equivalent of the benefit each tax year. Those with low private mileage may find it’s no longer a benefit. That’s why many employers have put in place different options, such as no longer paying for fuel with company fuel use reclaimed or continuing to pay for fuel but having employees reimburse them for private usage. That way, the employee is not liable for the private fuel tax charge, where this would in all likelihood be higher than the value of the actual fuel used. Should you want advice on policy decisions about employee fuel and the tax implications then we’d be glad to advise you.

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My top accounting tips for Hoddesdon businesses

1.    Make use of technology

Today, businesses have a myriad of resources available to make managing accountancy records convenient and simple. I’d urge businesses to make the most of cloud computing and automation. This is especially valuable now that the Government’s requirement for Making Tax Digital is a reality for the majority of businesses, and flexible working rights have all increased the demand for secure, flexible ‘on-the-move’ cloud-computing solutions.


Seven tax breaks to save small businesses money

Setting up a small business can be exciting. So much rides on it – your hopes, your financial security and future opportunities. Yet all the costs to make it happen and then keep it running efficiently can seem daunting. That’s why you should consider whether your small business qualifies for tax breaks that allow you to save money.

HB Accountants is experienced in advising small businesses about their tax breaks. Here are our 7 top tips for you to consider:

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How to review your accountancy support

You compare your suppliers to ensure you’re getting a competitive price and service, but have you thought about reviewing your accountancy support? It may be that you’ve used the same accountant for a long while and they’re most likely giving you the support you need. But it’s always worthwhile conducting a review to make sure they’re reaching your expectations and meeting your current business needs.

But what should you look for? These are the questions we believe you need to ask yourself in order to make an informed assessment.

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Five steps to ensure a smooth audit at year end

To ensure a smooth audit, ideally you should prepare for it during the year. By keeping on top of your finances throughout the year you’ll be well organised when you need to file your corporate tax returns with HM Revenue & Customs and provide audited annual accounts to Companies House at year end. So, who has to have an audit and what steps can you take to make your auditing process run smoothly, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities?

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Tackle Cybersecurity for Payroll Records

It’s safe to say that payday is the time of the month that employees look forward to. But there are hidden processes and vital security measures that are necessary to make this coveted day run smoothly. Using an outsourced partner like HB Accountants for your payroll can help you to streamline your payroll and cut the risk of a cyber breach. So, what’s at stake?

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We already have Annual Accounts, why do we need Management Accounts?

Annual Accounts are very familiar to business people. Every year statutory reports which comply to specific accounting standards must be filed with HMRC and Companies House. But what about Management Accounts? There is no legal obligation to generate them. Why then, do so many organisations depend on Management Accounts in running their operations and could you be benefitting from them too?

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