COVID19: Planning to return to the workplace post lockdown

Over the last few weeks the Government has signalled that businesses can start to operate again. The manufacturing and construction sector have returned and this week has seen the return of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 6 to our primary schools. All environments are having to operate in different ways than pre Covid19. How are you and your company implementing the return to the workplace post lockdown?

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COVID19: Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare changes eligibility have changed during Coronavirus

Temporary changes have been made to the eligibility criteria for Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare, during coronavirus.

The changes may affect you if you, or someone you live with, are:

  • on furlough
  • not able to work or you’re working less
  • self-employed
  • a critical worker
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COVID19: Proposed changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

Latest COVID19 Job Retention Scheme CJRS proposed changes – announced 29 May 2020 – The Chancellor has announced the government’s plans to change the CJRS which will now be re-engineered to support businesses sending staff back to work. Employers will be able to put staff on part-time furlough, claiming the CJRS grant for a portion of their salary.

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COVID19: Disincorporation – what you need to know before dissolving your limited company

The ongoing lockdown may be the catalyst for many limited company owners to change their business model in order to survive or to create a simpler way of working. One option is to disincorporate – in other words, dissolve the limited company and, if the business is still viable, operate as a sole trader instead.

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HB Accountants Web Workshop – Using MS Teams like a Pro

Recent disruptions to your regular work routine have probably seen you getting to grips with team collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. At HB Accountants, our aim is to support as many people as we can through providing critical information for you and your business AND any extra resources we can, to help see you through to the other end of this Covid19 chapter and beyond.

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COVID19: Latest lockdown timeline for retailers – can your business reopen on 1st June?

PM Boris Johnson has announced the latest timeline for the lifting of COVID19 lockdown regulations for England – the two dates on the timeline are 1st June and 15th June – but it is not back to business for all businesses just yet.

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Is Homeworking The New Normal?

After being instructed to work from home due to Covid19, a number of companies have unexpectedly realised that homeworking could become the new normal. The CEO of Barclays was reported saying that big offices ‘may be a thing of the past’ after just six weeks of lockdown.

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COVID19: Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme set to launch

The Government has announced a new online service which will be launched for small and medium-sized employers to recover Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) payments which they have made to their employees.

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