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COVID19: Important guidance when visiting us

In the light of current Covid19 pandemic and following the further relaxing of social distancing we wanted to highlight the precautions we are taking as a company and those we ask you take to minimise the risk to anyone coming into our offices.

Please only visit our offices if you have a pre-arranged appointment with a member of our team and only where the use of video conferencing for meetings is not practical.

Before your arranged meeting

HB Accountants has implemented a Covid19 Secure Workplace Policy. Please consider the form below, completion of which confirms that you understand the provisions made to ensure a safe and secure workplace for anyone visiting our offices.

The form asks you to confirm that you are not presenting any Covid19 symptoms and have not been exposed to any potential high-risk circumstances.

Arriving for your appointment

Friends and family – Any meeting will only accommodate those individuals that are required to be present. If you bring friends or family members who are not required to attend the meeting then they will be asked to wait outside.

Reception areas – Our reception areas remain closed. You will be met by the team member you have an appointment with who will help guide you through your meeting.

PPE – masks are available upon entry – we ask that you dispose of your PPE should you wish to wear it – please let your HB Accountants’ contact know if you would like him or her to wear a mask also.

Hygiene – please sanitise your hands upon entry – sanitiser is available upon entry.

Meeting rooms – Your meeting will be held in an appropriate meeting room with a specified maximum capacity. Please adhere to minimum 1m social distancing at all times.

Documentation and stationery – If you are required to sign documents during the meeting you will be provided with a single use pen that is then taken away. Or you may bring your own pen.

Refreshments – To minimise risk, there will be no refreshments available for you during your meeting such as hot and cold drinks. If you would like refreshments whilst in your meeting then please feel free to bring your own – please can we ask that you dispose of your hot or cold drinks yourself.

About us

We are taking precautions, reflecting UK Government advice, some of which we have outlined below.

Cleaning and hygiene

  • We continue to take steps to ensure all our offices are safe places to work and we encourage everybody to prioritise their personal health and hygiene by washing hands thoroughly and regularly and using the hand sanitiser gel which is provided upon entering our office around our buildings.
  • We are continuing to disinfect/clean regularly throughout the day particularly in our public spaces. Hand sanitiser gel will be available in our meeting rooms and elsewhere in the office.
  • We adhere where at all possible to 2m social distancing with a minimum of 1m at all times.

About you – please complete on arrival

Please enter your mobile number should we need to follow up with you regarding an outbreak of Covid19
Please enter your email should we need to follow up with you regarding an outbreak of Covid19

Thank you for completing our “About You” form

Your details are secure – data will be stored for 21 days and will only be shared with NHS Test and Trace in the event of an outbreak of Covid19.

We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert – Government guidance can be found here.

If you need information regarding government guidance to minimise the transmission of COVID19, including maintaining a safe working environment and following social distancing guidelines – click the links

If you experience the relevant symptons after attending our office, please would you email to confirm your contact details, so that we can manage communications with public health authorities, other visitors and our own team. We will keep the information confidential, mindful of our public health and data protection obiligations.

We are suggesting that when you visit, you don’t feel obliged to shake hands and refreshments will not be offered.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us 01992 44466.

Visit our COVID19 Business Hub for more information

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The information contained above is for general guidance purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the contents are accurate, please note that each individual has different circumstances and it is essential that you seek appropriate professional advice before you act on any of the information contained herein. HB Accountants can accept no liability for any errors or omission or for any person acting on or refraining from acting on the information provided in the above

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