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Karen Robbins is celebrating 25 Years at HB Accountants – congratulations!

This month we are excited and delighted to be celebrating Karen’s 25 year anniversary at HB Accountants. Karen joined us on 13th May back in 1996 (the very same year that five bundles of trouble called The Spice Girls* were unleashed, Changing Rooms turned us into DIY lunatics and Take That decided to split**).

One quarter of a century of management accounts, year-end accounts and corporation tax returns later and Karen and the team at HB Accountants in Hertfordshire, are celebrating her 25 years…

Meet Karen Robbins – Accounts Manager at HB Accountants

To celebrate Karen’s 25 years we thought how better to get to know Team HB’s Karen Robbins than to fire her some really important questions to answer – here goes;

First impression of HB Accountants 25 years ago

Well that’s a story in itself! So, I applied to HB Accountants but narrowly missed out on a role there, so I started working for Hertfordshire County Council – however around 6 months later, HB Accountants contacted me and I was asked to come back in for an interview and the rest is history

Did you always want a career in accounting?

No not at all, in fact at school I wanted to be physiotherapist

What do you do for HB Accountants clients?

I look after year end account, management accounts and corporation tax, mainly for local Hertfordshire and Essex based clients – am usually in the office here in Hoddesdon, but sometimes head to a clients’ office when the need arises

What don’t we know about you?

I have climbed the highest mountain in South East Asia – Mount Kinabalu – it was an amazing experience

Guilty Pleasure:

Below Deck (but don’t tell anyone)***

Favourite food?

Roast dinner

How would friends describe you?

My friends would probably say that I am organised & meticulous

Do you have any children?

Yes, one gorgeous daughter named Skye which is means cloud – we wanted to give her a “naturey” name

Karen & Skye enjoying a walk in the Hertfordshire countryside

Who makes you laugh most in the office?

Gary makes us all laugh, oh sorry I mean Barry, apologies Mr Chase (…it’s a Team HB joke)

Tell us your favourite animal?

Without a doubt cats: Timmy is my tabby tom fat cat and I love him (I tell my daughter he is my favourite less hairy child), she laughs

DIY: a yes or a no?

Oh yes, I love decorating. I spent the last bank holiday weekend painting the inside of my house. I love to upcycle furniture too… (am blaming Changing Rooms!!)

Lastly that all-important philosophical question, starter or dessert?

Easy, starter every time!

*Spice Girls did get back together for the Spice World tour

**Take That also got back together!

***answered way too quickly!

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