According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “networking” was first used in 1967, but has only recently increased in popularity. In 1975, 8.7% of the UK workforce was self-employed; a number which grew steadily to 12% by 2008. Then the world’s economies crashed and, as a result of redundancies, many took the opportunity to set up their own business – currently more than 16% of the UK workforce is self-employed and that figure is rising. There will soon be more people working for themselves than there are working for the public sector.

With such large numbers of entrepreneurs and small business people running their own companies, it’s hardly surprising that business networking groups are springing up across the country. Many self-employed people have started them up or taken over networking franchises as a business in their own right. They not only provide a great opportunity to make contacts with small business owners, they also provide much needed social contact for people working for themselves.

With the advent of Ambition Broxbourne, Hoddesdon has thrived as a place to not only do business, but also to start your own enterprise. For entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs, networking is an excellent way of making contacts and building up a great network of clients and suppliers.

A few of the local groups we support and attend:

Hoddesdon Networking Breakfast

Run by us, the Hoddesdon Networking Breakfast group meets once a month on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday meetings are held at Stanborough’s Conservative Club and Thursday meetings are held at Your Town in Hoddesdon. The meetings are priced at £8 per person with breakfast and hot drinks included. If you would like to attend, please contact Charlotte on 01992 444466 or email


Athena Ware is a networking group for women entrepreneurs and executives. Women-only networking groups are popular because they provide an environment which helps foster confidence and passes on information about technology and new ways of working in a supportive environment.

Ambition Broxbourne 2016

Networking groups often team up with charities to help raise funds and awareness at the same time as building relationships between businesses. Ambition Broxbourne 2016 is a conference where experts in sales and marketing pass on their knowledge at the same time as raising money for local charities.

If you see us at any of the business networking meetings in Hoddesdon, feel free to come over and say hello.

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