Planning For Growth

Welcome to our new series of blogs that will help organisations and businesses of all sizes with PLANNING FOR GROWTH.

After the roller coaster 18-months of lockdowns, openings and for some, a reduced customer base, it’s time to refocus our energies on growth. Over the next few months, we will write a number of blogs on this topic. They will be packed full of guidance and tips that will help your business flourish. Featuring ways to streamline your processes, that will prompt you to review your activities, as well as offering invaluable advice.

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What are the benefits of networking?

Could it be time for you to get better connected and what are the benefits of networking? Throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and the surrounding areas you will find many fantastic businesses. Professional networking means you are going to meet more people and ultimately expand your network. You might be thinking “is the investment of my time and resources actually going to be worth it?” At HB, we believe that by taking advantage of networking events you can build genuine business relationships, which will have a positive impact on you and your business in the future.

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New Year Networking with HB Accountants

HB Accountants Ladies Networking Lunch

Are you thinking that 2020 is the year that you should get better connected? Networking is one of the many opportunities to make new business contacts, get advice and swap tips and as a result (and because HB Accountants believe networking is fabulous for business) we organise a Ladies Networking Lunch every quarter.

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