Have you missed the tax return deadline of 31 January 2022?

The 2020-2021 tax year runs from April ’20 to April ’21, the last date for submitting returns for those who do self-assessment was 31st January 2022 – this is referred to as the tax return deadline. Will you find yourself in trouble with HMRC if you didn’t submit your return in time, along with any tax you owe?

Here’s what you need to know…

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Laughable excuses for late tax returns! You do not want to receive a penalty for not filing in time

You do not want to receive a penalty for not filing your return in time. As you’d expect, most taxpayers provide their Self Assessment tax returns on time with honest information and pay their tax bill on time too. But alongside all these good citizens and business folk with their straightforward tax returns HMRC also receives a raft of laughable excuses as well as some dubious tax-reducing expense claims. Surely no one in our local area of Hertfordshire, Essex and north London would have put these whoppers for late tax returns forward?

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