If you have a growing business, you may well have taken on a bookkeeper to help you do the accounts. But grow the business a bit further and you will need to supplement the bookkeeping role with the services of an accountant.

The problem is that there is an in-between time when you need a management accountant, but cannot afford to employ someone on a full-time basis. This is when you need the services of a virtual financial director – a qualified accountant who will spend as much time and energy on your business as you need, but who will work only for the amount of time you need them.

Your virtual financial director is integral to your company’s growth

Even though they’re not directly employed by you, your virtual FD will have your business’s interests at heart. They will work on your behalf as though they are a valuable and trusted member of staff – it’s their job to help you increase sales and improve turnover and profitability, but they will also have an objective overview of the business, helping you to spot trends and new opportunities you may not previously have been aware of.

They will give you financial guidance and strategic advice, prepare your management accounts and forecasts, and attend meetings on your behalf wherever necessary, but without the expense of having to employ a full-time FD.

The additional benefit of a virtual financial director above is that they will help you with strategic planning to help you achieve your goals in the short- and long-term. You can also use them as a sounding board to discuss ideas to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Having a virtual FD on board will also improve your credibility and raise the confidence of stakeholders and financial institutions. If there are any regulatory changes you need to be aware of, they will update you.  

Where to find a virtual FD

You’re most likely to source your virtual FD from your current accountancy firm – if you factored your business growth into the equation when choosing your accountant, you will hopefully have someone who can seamlessly take over because you’ve already got a good working relationship with the company.

Otherwise, look for a reputable accountancy firm that offers management accounting, advice and consultancy services.