COVID support schemes are ending, find out what is continuing

The SEISS fifth grant period ends today as does the furlough scheme, with employers having until 14 October to submit a claim for the latter – as does the VAT reduction for hospitality and tourism to 5%, which will see an increase to 12.5

The ICAEW have issued a handy timeline for the remaining schemes.

Two forms of data are shown in the chart: how much money has been spent or lent on each scheme so far, and each scheme’s end date.

The chart does not include all of the support measures provided by the government or the Bank of England to businesses and individuals, for example the £20 a week uplift in universal credit to those on low incomes that also comes to an end on 30 September or the corporate finance lending facilities provided by the Bank of England to very large businesses.

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Lockdown 2.0 SEISS: What support is there if I am self-employed?

URGENT UPDATE: 3.40pm Monday 2nd November – The third SEISS grant for November has just been increased from 40% of your average monthly profits to 80% – December and January 2021 are still currently at 40%

If you are self employed you still have access to two more SEISS grants as part of the Winter Economy Plan with the third SEISS grant for November covering 80% of your average monthly profits.

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Self-employed: Managing cash and risk in uncertain times

The Covid-19 pandemic has repercussions for every business. There are a range of support
measures available to the self-employed, and this briefing sets out guidance on some of the
many questions you are likely to have and although this is uncharted territory for everyone,
there are still basic management strategies that will help minimise risk to you and your business.

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COVID19: What funding is available for my business?

Funding options and criteria available to you during COVID19 can be complex, which is why The Federation of Small Business have simplified the process so you can easily check your eligibility for different schemes. You’ll find tailored information for businesses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as advice on what you can access if you’re self-employed. Download the PDF guide for your home nation to get started. 

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COVID19: 27th March 2020 – Help for the Self-Employed

The Chancellor announced help for the self-employed yesterday evening at a press conference. Are you a sole trader? We have outlined what we currently know below – please note we expect further guidance to be released soon and will update you as soon as we are aware of this.

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